'Science on Tap' to Discuss Future of Solar Power - State College News

The future of solar energy technology will be the topic of a discussion led by two Penn State researchers at 7 p.m. today at Liberty Craft House as part of the Science on Tap series.

John Asbury, an associate professor of chemistrywho studies the chemical processes that occur whenlight strikes solar panels, and Jeffrey Brownson, an associate professor of energy and mineral engineering whostudies how solar power can be integrated into new technologies, will discuss the current state of solar energy technology and the work that still needs to be done.

"While silicon solar cells are great, we must look to new technologies if we want solar power tomove beyond the niche into the main stream, Asbury said in a news release.

Brownson said that solar power will become an important aspect of everyday life

Very soon, we will all have light included along with temperature, wind speed and rainfall in our phone apps for weather forecasts, Brownson said. Society will change dramatically with the input of light.

Science on Tap is a monthly series, presented by the graduate student-runPenn State Science Policy Society, to offer informal discussions between leading Penn State researchers and the public.

Science on Tap has brought in a really diverse crowd, said Theresa Kucinski,a doctoral student in chemistry and lead Science on Tap organizer. "It's amazing we are reaching out to so many people.

Renewable energy is a community effort and Science on Tap is a forum to discuss how solar energy can impact State College, added co-organizer Grayson Doucette.

Attendees must by 21 or older. For more information, visitsites.psu.edu/psusciencepolicy/

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