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Considered one of the oldest ways to cure various physical ailments, the history of physiotherapy can be traced back to ancient Greece. Over the centuries, it has evolved from a simple massage-based treatment to a complex assortment of therapies with multiple and specialized applications.


Choosing a career in physiotherapy is a prudent decision in this day and age; its a stream that offers numerous job options, including some that are financially as rewarding as being doctors and engineers. Considered an allied health service, physiotherapy comes with a vast range of career alternatives both in India and abroad. At Manav Rachna Educational Institutions, the following courses in physiotherapy are on offer:

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T) A regular full-time course (41/2 years) divided into eight semesters and a six-month internship.

Master of Physiotherapy (M.P.T) A 2-year course with specializations in musculoskeletal, sports, neurology, and cardiopulmonary physiotherapy

Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutritionists help us understand how diet affects ones health and well-being. To be a nutritionist, it is necessary to gain a degree in nutrition science or dietetics, which incorporates human physiology and biochemistry. Based on their qualifications, people may find work as nutrition scientists, public health nutritionists, clinical nutritionists, or sports nutritionists. This field focuses on the scientific understanding of nutrition and its practical application in the field of healthcare and patient rehabilitation.

As health centres, fitness centres, and spas continue to flood the market, the career prospects in the field appear increasingly positive. At Manav Rachna, programmes offered under Nutrition & Dietetics include:

B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics(3-years) with two months of clinical/ industrial training

M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics (2-years) with specializations in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Science and Technology, Sports Nutrition, and Public Health Nutrition

PhD in Health Sciences

Is it the right career for you?

As any career counsellor would suggest, it is important to pick a field that suits and matches ones flair, and this holds true for physiotherapy as well as nutrition and dietetics. From a financial perspective, a career in these fields is definitely a good option, despite both physiotherapy and nutrition being fairly challenging positions. Professionals in these areas are qualified to perform physical examinations and conduct assessments during diagnosis. A successful physiotherapist uses various intervention techniques to treat a patient in the best possible manner.

Job prospects

Due to our sedentary lifestyles, people face frequent musculoskeletal problems, which include issues such as backache, stiff shoulders and neck, osteoarthritis, obesity, etc. In curing such disorders, physiotherapists and nutritionists work wonderfully alongside mainstream doctors. Thus, physical therapists and dieticians/ nutritionists have ample job prospects in hospitals, nursing homes, residential homes, rehabilitation centres, and private practices or clinics. Additionally, qualified professionals can work at out-patient clinics, community healthcare centres, fitness centres or health clubs, occupational health centres, special schools and senior citizen centres.

Job prospects for such graduates are also bright in areas such as teaching and working in foreign countries with companies and NGOs, etc.

Why choose Manav Rachna?

Across a journey of 20 years, 45,000 + students, including an alumni base exceeding 17,000 students have been seen walking the MREI corridors of knowledge. The NAAC accredited A Grade institute is committed towards providing quality education by motivating students through highly innovative and flexible horizons. The faculty in physiotherapy and nutrition offers state-of-the-art OPD and nutritional counselling facilities. It also keeps organizing regular workshops to update the knowledge of staffs and students. The centre focuses on evidence-based practice which is carried out in well-equipped labs designed for research purposes. Complete holistic development of students is offered through Personality Development Programs and interdisciplinary learning. International exposure is assured through various conferences and seminars, including international/ national CMEs, seminars, workshops and health camps.

In addition, the institution nurtures active tie-ups with renowned hospitals like VIMHANS, Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center, IBS hospital, ASIAN hospital, Sarvodaya Hospital, Metro Hospital, along with several old age homes and handicap schools.

Globalizing education with international collaborations

In its quest for excellence, MREI have academic tie-ups with 44 foreign universities, across USA, Canada, UK, South America, Far East, and other Asian countries. Partners include AIS St. Helens, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Lahti University, Missouri State University, Purdue University Northwest, and a host of others. The areas of collaborations cover exchange of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff members, joint research and consultancy activities, participation in seminars and academic meetings, exchange of academic materials and other information, special short-term academic programmes and projects, cooperation in curriculum development, collaboration in international seminars and conferences, and cooperation in quality assurance which can transform graduates into quintessential global professionals.

Finally, besides quality education, Manav Rachna also provides 100% on-campus placement assistance to students. Alumni from these courses have been placed with renowned brands such as AIIMS, Batra Hospital, Bharti Enterprises, Apollo Hospital, Qi Spine, Religare, United Health Group, Kareer Gateway, Jindal Industries, Genpact, VLCC, Nutrilife and other leading government and private institutions.

Here is a chance to kick start your career. For more details, visit Manav Rachna online or call 0129-4259000.

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