Future Technology
How new technology and risk management are shaping the future of the insurance industry - Insurance Business
“With technology you get a much higher visibility of where those claims are likely to be, how to mitigate, manage and remove them – and not just mitigate them when they actually happen. The internet allows organisations to get data within minutes on
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2017-06-30 10:14:35
DARPA's Ex-Leader's Speculative Dream of Mind-Melding Empathy - The Atlantic
She cautioned that the research was very new and “not yet a robust capability, but even at this stage, we can start to see that there will be some mind-bending questions about how we use these technologies in the future.” Prabhakar noted that from a 
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2017-06-29 20:24:00
Student David Okonowski selected for The Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
The three-day Congress and academy in Lowell, Mass. offers free services and learning programs for students who want to learn more about their future in science and technology. During the Congress, students hear advice from the deans of the world's top and more »
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2017-06-29 19:54:36
Graphene and terahertz waves could lead the way to future communication - Phys.Org
By utilizing terahertz waves in electronics, future data traffic can get a big boost forward. So far, the terahertz (THz) frequency has not been optimally applied to data transmission, but by using graphene, researchers at Chalmers University of and more »
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2017-06-28 13:45:37
Lectra's Fashion 4.0 event focussed on digital future - Fibre2fashion.com
Lectra announced the launch of Lectra Fashion PLM 4.0, proof of its commitment to empowering its customers with the best technology possible as they take their first steps towards Industry 4.0. With the widest functional scope on the market, the and more »
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2017-06-28 06:28:41
Want To Know The Future Of Legal Tech? Ask Your Accountant - Above the Law
Ed. note: Please welcome Dean Sonderegger to our pages. Today's post is the first in a series called “The AI Corner: Where Technology Meets the Practice of Law.” It's no secret that the application of artificial intelligence has the potential to
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2017-06-27 18:38:03
New social media algorithm can predict the future - Catholic Online
Social media can be used to predict the future. This conclusion has long been suspected, and now there is another . Corporate interests are already seeking the technology for their own use. If businesses are better able to predict consumer behavior
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2017-06-27 17:55:13
Could The Technology Of The Future Give Us Super Powers? - HuffPost UK
It may sound ridiculous to some, but this future may be closer than we think. Only a couple of months ago, British inventor Richard Browning was able to fly at the annual Technology, Entertainment and Design conference. He used an exoskeleton of his
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2017-06-27 15:45:27
Future Coal Production Depends on Resources and Technology, Not Just Policy Choices - Energy Collective
EIA's Annual Energy Outlook 2017 (AEO2017) includes cases with alternative assumptions about U.S. environmental policy and levels of oil and natural gas resource development and technological advancement. Across these cases, the outlook for coal can and more »
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2017-06-27 13:52:57
Microsoft Story Labs explores tomorrow's technology today with .future podcast - OnMSFT (blog)
Earlier this year, the Windows Insider team launched a new monthly podcast which has since become a great source of information for Windows enthusiasts. If you enjoy listening to technology podcasts but still looking for something less Windows-focused, and more »
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2017-06-26 15:00:36
Cities vie to become hubs of self-driving technology - USA TODAY
That's because Google's self-driving car unit, Waymo, quietly chose Austin for the first fully-autonomous test drive in 2015. Now Austin officials want more. "We are trying to do everything we can to help promote and advance the future of this and more »
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2017-06-25 04:08:31
A balanced view of what technology would look like in future and how we will interact with it - Financial Express
A compilation of articles from various tech writers who have worked or are working with The Economist magazine, Mega Tech follows the broader trends that technology is expected to exhibit in the future without prophesying. While this might come across
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2017-06-24 23:48:11