Microsoft Story Labs explores tomorrow's technology today with .future podcast - OnMSFT (blog)

Earlier this year, the Windows Insider team launched a new monthly podcast which has since become a great source of information for Windows enthusiasts. If you enjoy listening to technology podcasts but still looking for something less Windows-focused, Microsoft also got you covered with a brand new podcast called .future.

This latest creation is the result of a partnership between Microsoft Story Labs, technology reporter Cristina Quinn and Gimlet Creative, and according to the first teaser .future will be all about questioning how we all make the future happen. Here is the official description:

Its interesting to see Microsoft experimenting more with podcasts this year, even though podcasts support on Windows 10 still leaves much to be desired. If youre interested, the first episode of .future will drop on Wednesday, June 28, and you can already subscribe to the podcast via RSS or iTunes.

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